Understanding Interventions

Abstract Submission Guidelines

All abstracts should clearly identify and justify the preferred presentation format (workshop, symposium, Deeper Dive, or poster). Each abstract should include information on the following:

Significance to the UI community—how does the study advance theory and/or practice as described in the literature; what does it suggest as a next step.

Study population—identify the educational level (K-12, community college, undergraduate, graduate, postdoc, young professional, other career stage), and all other characteristics for the study population, and if relevant, comparison/control group(s).

Contextual and other factors—if a case study, what is adaptable; if another kind of study, what major variables were measured and how; identify any limits to generalizing the findings.

Outcomes of the intervention—state findings in relation to time frame, data analysis, and design/methodology used.

Abstracts submitted for the workshop format should indicate learning objectives, the audience most benefited by information presented, the means by which the audience will be engaged, and the relevant expertise of the presenter(s).

  • Poster presentations must fit on a 4' x 4' poster board and contain the following information: 1) Significance to the UI community, 2) Study population, 3) Contextual and other factors, 4) Outcomes of the Intervention, and 5) at 3 to 5 references.

  • Symposia can be proposed as single presentations or complete (3- person) presentations (1.5-2 hours total). Each abstract of a complete symposium will be reviewed separately.

  • Workshops are of two types—hands-on instructional interactive sessions (1.5 or 3 hours) or a Focused Seminar where attendees will be provided in advance with reading materials to prepare for a presentation on a single topic followed by audience interaction (1.5 hours).

  • A new category of symposium is the Deeper Dive. This is a 15-minute presentation followed by 5 minutes of Q&A. A maximum of three are presented. Then each speaker moves to a roundtable discussion with interested audience members for another 40+ minutes of intense interaction (1.5 hour total).

If this is a revised abstract, please add REVISION in the title.

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