Understanding InterventionsArticles with 50+ Citations

Articles with 50+ Citations

The UI Articles with 50+ citations consists of a searchable database containing citations obtained from different academic databases. The articles report on studies of STEM and biomedical/behavioral science interventions, programs, and enrichment activities designed to diversify science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the scholars, practitioners, and evaluators who publish in this area, we decided to obtain articles from different databases to ensure a broad coverage of UI-related topics. Currently the UI Articles Receiving 50+ citations database contains citations obtained from the SCOPUS academic database, which covers a wide variety of publications related to STEM and biomedical/behavioral science disciplines. SCOPUS provides information regarding the number of citations attached to articles, up to the date the search was conducted. In the future, citations obtained from ERIC will be added to the database. ERIC was selected due to its coverage of the education literature.

Publications were included in the database if they received 50 or more citations as of the date the search was conducted (18 Jan 2016) and the item is published in English. The SCOPUS search was not limited by publication type or whether the item has been peer reviewed. The results of the SCOPUS search was sorted by number of citations received. Publications in the database are identified by the academic database from which the citations were obtained and rank ordered by number of citations.

Search Instructions

a. To begin, provide text in at least one of the basic search boxes (e.g., author, year the article was published, keywords).

b. A search can also begin by selecting the source database (the academic database from which the list of articles was obtained). Currently, the database only contains articles from SCOPUS. Citations from other databases will be added in the future. Articles with 50+ citations are being collected from other databases because the companies that create the academic databases differ in their coverage of the literature and the methods they use to compile the number of citations articles have received.

c. If desired, select an option in the “DOCUMENT TYPES” box to limit your search to specific categories of scholarly works.

d. If desired, select a non-chronological sorting of the search results by selecting from choices in the dropdown menu in the “SORT BY” box.

e. If desired, turn the abstract function on by clicking the “SHOW ABSTRACT” button.

f. Click the SEARCH button.

g. Clicking the hyperlinked titles will lead users to the abstract and/or full text of the articles, if it is available.

h. If desired, use the PRINT function to print the search results.

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