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Evaluation Measures

UI Evaluation Measures is a searchable database containing a representative, non-exhaustive, and expanding set of articles pertaining to measures (i.e., scales, instruments) of concepts of interest (e.g., self-efficacy, academic identity, resilience, etc.) to researchers , evaluators, and intervention program staff. UI Evaluation Measures will contain material primarily from the scholarly literature and includes articles in which actual scales/instruments are published along with validity and reliability information and/or, any critique that informs potential users. Users will be able to search the database to locate articles related to the concept of interest, view the list of obtained citations, and print the obtained records. Users who have access to the academic databases can see the abstract or full-text of documents by clicking the hyperlinks. A prototype of this resource is currently under development. More detailed instructions on conducting searches will be available after a working prototype is developed.

Search Instructions

a. To begin, provide text in at least one of the basic search boxes (i.e., title of the article in which the measure appears, year the article was published, keywords).

b. A search can also begin by selecting among the concepts listed in the Understanding Interventions concept search box. This box provides a dropdown menu for the currently available concepts. Measures for other concepts of interest to the UI community will be added in the future.

c. If desired, click the “SHOW ADVANCED SEARCH OPTIONS” to obtain these additional search boxes (e.g., author of the measure, publisher).

d. If desired, select a non-chronological sorting of the search results by selecting from choices in the dropdown menu in the “SORT BY” box.

e. If desired, turn the abstract function on by clicking the “SHOW ABSTRACT” button.

f. Click the SEARCH button.

g. Clicking the hyperlinked titles will lead users to the abstract and/or full text of the articles, if it is available.

h. If desired, use the PRINT function to print the search results.

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