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Journal List

The UI Journal List contains a representative, non-exhaustive, and expanding list of journals that have published articles relevant to interventions that diversify science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. The UI Journal List is also searchable, enabling users to locate journals that may contain articles of interest or journals in which the user’s own research might be published. To begin searches of this database, select the discipline(s) of interest from a dropdown menu.

Search Instructions

a. To begin, select one or more DISCIPLINE(S) of interest from the dropdown menu. This is a required search field.

b. If desired, type in one or more FIELDS OF STUDY in the next box.

c. Click the SEARCH button.

d. Clicking the hyperlinked journal titles will lead users to online journal information.

e. If desired, use the PRINT function to print the search results.

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