Understanding InterventionsNIH Funded Research On Interventions

NIH Funded Research On Interventions

Principal investigators funded by the NIGMS initiatives related to research on interventions met annually at an investigators’ conference to share study findings and discuss possible future directions. Conference organizers created summaries and white papers related to the discussions. Currently, the White Papers resource contains the summary of the 2014 conference and a related white paper.

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NIH's National Institute for General Medical Sciences has long supported programs/interventions focusing on increasing the interest of underrepresented minority students for careers in biomedical and behavioral science research. NIGMS’ Division of Training, Workforce Development and Diversity (TWD) acknowledged that longstanding intervention programs could be improved by understanding how program elements contribute to the effectiveness and efficacy of programs in increasing participants’ interests and motivation to pursue research careers, as well as their ultimate career success. NIGMS TWD created the Research to Understand and Inform Interventions that Promote the Research Careers of Students in Biomedical and Behavioral Sciences to fund researchers who focus on the mechanisms underlying the design and implementation of intervention programs. The Past Funding Announcements resource displays material so users can understand the development of this initiative over time and place each funded researchers’ project within its historical context.

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