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NSF Broadening Participation

The NSF Broadening Participation resource contains information on the programs that have been funded by NSF related to increasing the participation of underrepresented groups in STEM disciplines. Eventually several funding mechanisms will be covered by this resource

The resource will eventually contain 3 sections: a) a researcher database; b) reports; and c) past funding announcements. Users can search the researcher database to find the principal investigators who have received funding under various mechanisms. In the future, we plan to have links to individual program websites that describe each projects in more detail. For now, we are providing titles, abstracts, co-investigators’ names, and email addresses for the funded researchers so users can contact them directly. Past funding announcements are available to provide users with the historical context in which each initiative developed within NSF.

Search Instructions

There are two ways to search the NSF Boradening Participation Database:

1) Simple search:

To begin, provide text in the search box and click on "Simple Search" button. The database system will match your text against PI's name, email, project's title or abstract

2) Advanced search

a. To begin, provide text for at least one of the three basic search boxes (e.g., contact PI’s last name, funding mechanism, keywords).

b. If desired, turn the abstract function on by clicking the "Show Abstract" button.

c. Click the "Advanced Search" button.

Click the hyperlinked PIs' email addresses will allow users to email the PIs.

Usders can print search results.


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